As a result of our extensive experience with representing businesses that are engaged in litigation, we are very familiar with the best practices for avoiding litigation in the first place. For example, we know that appropriate contract provisions often provide our clients with an advantageous business position, which helps to create a climate in which our clients are proactively protected from potential disputes. Similarly, we know that early and effective negotiation, at the beginning of a potential dispute, can often avoid protracted, expensive, and uncertain litigation.

Day Law Firm, P.C. routinely works with clients at the beginning of business ventures, and at the beginning of potential disputes, in order to place our clients in the best possible position. The services we provide include, without limitation:

  • Representation during Bidding Disputes

  • Contract Negotiation and Drafting

  • Prompt Intervention to Address Breaches of Contract and Business Torts

  • Representation during Governmental Investigations

  • Defense against Regulatory Actions