John Day has represented clients in the construction industry for more than 20 years, and his experience includes all aspects of private and public construction in Massachusetts. He is actively involved in contract negotiation and interpretation, so that his clients’ rights are protected from the outset. He remains engaged during the project, and proactively responds to unforeseen problems and disputes in order to minimize negative consequences. John also defends his clients during regulatory and administrative proceedings, including OSHA actions, prevailing wage claims, and other governmental investigations.

While John understands that construction disputes are often most efficiently resolved through pre-suit negotiation, he possesses the experience, skill, and temperament to intelligently and aggressively represent his clients during disputes that require arbitration or litigation. He has successfully represented construction clients in both federal and state court, and he has taken more than 60 cases to trial verdict.

John’s construction law practice includes the following areas:

• Contract Negotiation

• Contract Interpretation

• Public and Private Bidding Procedures/Disputes

• Mechanic’s Liens

• Direct Payment Claims

• Payment Disputes

• Negligent Misrepresentation

• Chapter 93A Claims (Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices)

• Insurance Disputes

• Prevailing Wage Claims

• OSHA Investigations